Which country is most likely to win the world cup in 2022?

There are several strong contenders for the world cup 2022 as you have seen the odds changing recently. For Example, England’s odds have been roughly 11/ to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. If you know, it will be the first winter tournament for this ace competition. Similarly, Brazil is at number 2 with odds 9/2. So, let’s take a look at the five countries that can put up interesting show for the viewers.





What are the chances of various teams winning the FIFA World Cup 2022?

France: Well, these young guns are on fire. The team was the second youngest when they won their second trophy in 2018. In that edition, Kylian Mbappe reminded people of Pelé. And, there were several high points of their performance; one worth talking about was the match against Argentina. So, with that beautiful memories, France is sure to make their presence registered at FIFA World Cup 2022.

England: After two tough editions of 2010 and 2014, England spelled excellence in Russia in 2018. Harry Kane literally created the hurricane and let, England finish fourth place. His golden shoe performance was the highlight of the show and is expected to repeat the magic in this edition as well.

Brazil: Brazil’s record has got no match when it comes to the performance in the World Cup. Theirs has been a string of success stories and made Brazil the no.1 performer at the World Cup. It is expected to continue to rule the roost this season as well. Till now, Brazil has been undefeated after a rough patch that it witnesses at the Copa America Final to rivals Argentina.

Argentina: Argentina is another team to look forward to. The country is showing its eligibility for the ace trophy and has very solid reasons to give its all. After all, it is the Lionel Messi’s last World Cup. Though the team has been an underdog since 2014, the motivational factors involved may fuels its passion and may encourage it to belt out a stunning performance.

Belgium: Though it sounds intriguing, the Belgians have been dropping hints about their upcoming show at the 2022 World Cup. The country has the courage, potential and talent and proves to be the complete package. It did show its fiery side at the European tournaments and is expected to create major upsets in the upcoming tournaments as well.

What makes the 2022 World Cup an old wine in the new bottle?

The World Cup of Football is coming to the beautiful city of Qatar this time. It will be the first time that a country from the UAE will be conducting the tournament. Since the football is a passionate game and is always full of fireworks, the weather conditions at Qatar could have added to the heat. That is why, to keep the players safe and performance-oriented, the authorities have given a green signal to organizing the tournament in the winter seasons.

What makes any country a strong contender for the World Cup 2022?

The World Cup 2022 seems closer to the teams who breathe the dream of holding the trophy one day. On statistical fronts, this possibility emerges from the odds provided by the bookmakers. As the tournament is announced, the bookmakers assign the odds. With the teams progressing through the qualifying rounds, odds are changed.

This makes it easier for the punters as well to understand how they can bet on the FIFA World Cup 2022. They must follow their favorite teams closely and instead of picking the teams as per their liking, they should make the decisions based on the performance during the qualifiers.

The situational analysis makes a very big factor in deciding the probable winner for this edition of the World Cup.  To pick the team that is most likely to reach the awards podium, you have to consider the following points:

  1. Number of tournaments won in the current calendar: It talks about the most updated state of the team performance. The current performance is the outcome of current squad make-up, their form, rapport with management, travel time, etc.
  2. Travel requirements: If the teams are supposed to travel a lot or have different matches lined up, the conditions may manifest in the lack of zeal to perform or the teams may show the signs of exhaustion.
  3. Odds assigned: Smaller odds means more chances of winning. The odds are the basis on which the bookmakers will be required to pay to the bettors. Hence, the lower the odds, the less is the liability of the bookies. Thus, you must do the research on your favorite teams first before deciding the probable winner.
  4. Motivation level: Who are the teams that will be meeting opponents on the field? What has been their winning and losing percentages? Is there any element of ‘settling the score’ in their mindset? Or, are rankings and earning at stake? All these questions indicate what kind of performance the team will put forth in the tournament.
  5. Team composition: The type of attack, defend, ball possession abilities, clean sheet record, etc. are some of the composition features of a team. With the help of these abilities, the teams can be picked to guess the winner. The best team is the one that understands the field conditions, opponents’ strengths and weaknesses and have a clear motive in their mind about what they want to achieve from the tournament. Statistically speaking, the strength will be found out from the figures available at the official sites of the football teams.

Summing up,

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