What Is The Difference Between Handicap and Asian Handicap?

Handicap and Asian handicap – both are familiar names in soccer betting. Thousands of punters are investing money in this soccer betting market and earning handsome amounts. Though the terms are often used interchangeably, some differences exist. These two are two different wagers. Like tipsters, you should also know the difference.

Understand the term “handicap” in soccer betting

So, here we are discerning the fact hidden behind handicap and Asian handicap. Well, in the very first stage the term “handicap” signifies physically challenged individuals. But in the soccer betting world, the story is completely different. Handicap is a renowned and long-established device through which a bookmaker provides an advantage in terms of goals and points to weaken the team. It is also helpful in theoretically even out the chances of both teams. When it comes to sports betting, the margin of handicap is added to the final result to understand the outcome or final result of the handicap bet. Handicap betting is quite popular in many sports, but it is dedicatedly used in football betting. Well, there are two primary differences in handicap. These are known as Asian handicap and European handicap.

Asian handicap

From the perspective of Asian handicap betting, stronger players or team starts with a negative handicap and the points have to be compensated by scoring more goals. On the same terms, a weaker player or team starts with the advantage of positive points based on the handicap and thus, the score is calculated based on fewer goals to attain the outcome. The punters who are backing the team or players with a higher score, from the perspective of handicap, win the bet. Asian handicap tips today can help you with the perfect betting strategy.



Well, it may seem complicated at the initial stage, Asian handicap betting simplifies the matter by ensuring a clear-cut winner. With the use of half or quarter number of variant handicaps, it is almost impossible for the bets to end in a draw. This is because half or quarter goals cannot be scored. Moreover, with the elimination of the draw option, the gambler gets only a couple of betting selections. These are:

  • Betting on the home or away team
  • Essentially achieving almost 50 percent chance of winning

The chances of winning boost even more with the help of professional tipsters who are dedicated to helping in Asian handicap tips today.

European handicap

European handicap provides an advantage to the underdogs by providing them with a virtual lead when the game has been started. For instance, the penalty is awarded to the weaker team. Like Asian handicap betting rules, it does not minimize the betting market by narrowing down to a couple of selections. As whole numbers are used in the betting, there is a possibility of ending in a draw. There are altogether three potential betting options in the European handicap or handicap. These are:

  • Bet on home
  • Bet on away
  • Bet on draw

Therefore, every punter has a chance of 33% success. Top tipsters are available offering guaranteed predictions for handicap and Asian handicap.

Summarizing the differentiation

The betting handicap in these two versions is slightly different and hence, uses different symbols. As the primary focus remains on the ability of a specific team, the Asian handicap can be represented individually by the figure “–1.5” and/or “+1.5” to both the weaker and stronger teams respectively. Taking help from a professional tipster is a wise consideration. Make sure that the tipster provides Asian handicap tips for today. The internet has enhanced your scope of winning regularly in this market. You can now access a soccer prediction website where Asian handicap tips and expert of this betting market are available.

On the contrary, the representation of European betting handicap is slightly different. As it includes a draw score, the betting rules are more focused on strength rather than ability. They are sometimes represented in the form of ratio like “0:1”.

Number variants

The number of variants includes wholes & halves. Asian handicap uses all three numbers including whole, half and even quarter. These variants are used to provide and establish more accuracy while representing a team’s strengths and weaknesses. The other counterpart, European handicap, takes the help of whole numbers and thus, finding a definitive clear winner is not possible always. Therefore, Asian handicap is far better and punters should choose to place bets only after achieving Asian handicap tips for today games.



The outcomes of Asian handicap ends in backing only a home team or an away team. In terms of European handicap, punters have the choice of ending in a draw, home or away. Thus, there is a slight difference between these two – they are two different wagers with slightly different features. However, you may listen to the name of Asian handicap more than its European counterpart.

Non-integral handicaps

Let’s take an example so that the understanding can be simplified. Let’s take a match between Sunderland and Arsenal. Now, Arsenal wins over Sunderland with 1-0. Therefore, after setting the handicap the result stands to 2-2. The stake is then returned to the punters in the form of winning. Always choose a tipster who provides Asian handicap tips for today.

Now, in terms of non-integral handicaps, a punter bet on Arsenal (-0.5) and Sunderland match for 1 and the win of Arsenal with Asian handicap is -0.5. Now, subtract the same amount from the number of scored goals by Sunderland as it will be equaled to the win of Arsenal. However, if the match ends in a draw and the score stands in 1-1, from the perspective of the handicap, the result will be (0.5-1) for the win of Sunderland. As the sum is so complicated, it is better to consult with a professional who can provide Asian handicap tips today.

Asian handicap tips for today and weekend games can mean a lot for the punters. Figuring out the original result along with complicated integers included in the betting system can be a major problem. Choose a betting tipster and flow into the way of winning.

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