How Sure Bets Calculated?


Remove risk is one of the smartest moves while you are engaged in betting. The method on surebet for today is about removing risk – while still making a certain profit. The amount of risk to reward is indeed interrelated. Our used method’s on surebet for today shows you how to remove risk.

True, with the Method on surebet for today, the risk is extremely low or completely risk-free – if you apply the method exactly. And with a safe approach to soccer or football betting you’d definitely expect the returns to be traditional.

This is exactly our approach with using the Method on surebet for today.


How to remove risk as players:

  • To instill knowledge & discipline (this one is, in my opinion, the most important quality a professional punter must adopt)
  • Our objective with using the Method on surebet for today is not to gamble … where the potential for wins and losses are greatest. Instead, our objective is to make 5%,10%, 15% or more guaranteed and risk-free – every time we bet.
  • Now 5%-15% or more may not seem like a lot of return. 10% p.a. in a bank account would be an extremely low-risk proposal. As in high the risk the greater the potential returns, and for the potentially higher returns the share market is definitely one option.
  • Think 10% per week or month in the light of what you’ve already seen in chapter 1. Conventionally, you use 5% as an average every day or weekly return – whereas maintaining our three prime objectives.


The Method on surebet for today is about removing the risk whereas compounding our bankroll over time. With high-risk gambling it’s not a get-rich, flash-in-the-pan method consistently connected. But practically, it’s a preparation that will increase your bankroll over time.



Here’s the Method on surebet for today:

(1/A) + (1/B) < 1.0

Where A = Favorite, and B = Underdog.


How does it work?

Simply take the best odds being offered for the Favorite and the Underdog, and divide each into 1. If the answer is less than 1.0, you then have a sure bet. Which means backing every side (and prevarication your bets) will make you a safe and definite return.

The method works the equivalent anyway of how many potential outcomes there are. If a tired game (conclusion C) is a real prospect, then the method is: (1/A) + (1/B) + (1/C) < 1.0.

Now that you’ve seen the method, and have a particular bet amount in mind the question is: How much do you stake on each?


Method on surebet for today’s staking is:

(stake/A) + (stake/B) < (return on either outcome)

Where ‘Stake’ = Total Amt You Want to Stake, A = Favorite, and B = Underdog.

Visualize two teams are playing alongside one another, and one of two outcomes are probable.

The Favorite (A) is paying $2.70, and the Underdog (B) is paying $3.90. For this example, we’ll use a stake amount of $200. This is the target amount we want to have returned.

We have acknowledged the exceeding example as a surebet using the method.

(1/1.70) + (1/2.80) = 0.95 (rounded up)

Which means for every 0.95c we stake, we are guaranteed a risk-free return of $2.00, or a 10% return. With the mode, the method for working out your % return is, in this example, 1/0.95 = 1.05 rounded. As just as: Favorite is paying $1.70, Underdog $2.80, and the amount we want to ‘get back’ is $100.


Using the Method on surebet for today’s staking, the calculation is:

(100/1.70) = $58.82, and (100/2.80) = $35.71

Add these together: $58.82 + $35.71 = $94.53.

In other words, to get a guaranteed return of $100.00, you would need to stake $94.53 to achieve a 5.78% guaranteed return.

Try receiving those profits from a bank in a single day or week!

While most betting outlets necessitate whole dollar amounts when placing a bet, which will round the figures in the above example to $59 and $36.

$59 + $36 = $95 (i.e. Your total stake)

If the favorite wins, we collect $200.30 (i.e. $59 x $1.70)

If the Underdog wins, we collect $200.80 (i.e. $36 x $2.80)

Our return is: 5% (i.e. $100 at odds by $95 x 100 = $105 (approx.)




What does this mean?


  • As a result you are certain to receive a return on investment of 5% that if you back both sides.
  • Keep in mind also that one bookmaker will not offer you a surebet chance.
  • Will you able to see the wealth possible in this method?
  • The Method on surebet for today: (1/A) + (1/B) < 1.00, and
  • The Method on surebet for today’s staking: (stake/A) + (stake/B) < (return on either outcome),
  • The same method applies to every sure bet’s outcome, whether there are 2 or 3 possible outcomes. In some sporting events, like football or Soccer, there is an actual chance of a third outcome (a draw).
  • The method would be: (1/A) + (1/B) + (1/C) < 1.00

Although, the equal method, excluding you just add to it as required.


Though, discovery Surebet’s prospect in tournaments would require a lot more work. For an option, but riskier advance, see the section on ‘price your individual Markets’ further on into this guidebook.

A 2% return no matter what the outcome. If expenses are allocated on profits, the form will be somewhat less. Anyway, you still come out with Surebet’s for today.

As a law, keep some investment on hand for 5% sure bet’s be familiar with the fact that 80% of your working capital will be on taking benefit of 2% sure bet’s. Sure adequate, you’ll get many 2 and 5% opportunities come up, only you want sufficient capital on hand when those 10 to 20% opportunities appear. And although they come occasionally up, you want to be arranged.

Hope it will be helpful for you before do soccer betting! All the best.

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